Daily Activities


Our kindergarten opens every workday at 6.15 am and closes at 5 pm. We perform daily program for children of age 1 to 6. Daily program includes the daily, planned and spontaneous activities. It comprises education, care and nourishment.

We perform educational work according to our the Annual Work Plan. Direct work with children is performed by qualified teachers and their assistants.

Cross-sectional activities run parallel and spontaneously. They include nursing, healthy nutrition, eating and eating culture, personal hygiene, toilet training, resting or sleeping, getting dressed and putting shoes on, taking care of personal appearance, clean and healthy nature environmental education,daily routine.

Daily routine


Activites in the kindergarten take place in the following order:

  • welcoming children and playing at the reception playroom
  • breakfast
  • organized activities
  • morning snack
  • organized activities and free playing
  • care, cleaning and tidying playroom
  • lunch
  • sleeping or resting, restful individual activities
  • afternoon snack
  • free playing
  • greeting children and kindergarten closes its door

Enrichment and Above-Standard Activities


The quality of early childhood education is achieved through variety of enrichment and above-standard activities that upgrade basic activities.

Enrichment activities are carried out by qualified teachers within the daily programe and parents usually do not pay extra for them.

The number and the content of enrichment activities is adjusted according to the age and developmental level of children. Enrichment activities are designed and defined in the Anual Work Plan which is presented to the parents at the begining of the school year. Here are some of those activities:


  • learning English language with English-speaking teacher
  • physical and sports activities under the project LITTLE SUNSHINE
  • forest pedagogy under the project THE FOREST IS OUR PLAYGROUND
  • folk and modern dances on various themes
  • learning about healty food and cooking under the project LITTLE CHEF
  • ecological gardening in our vegetable garden and an orchard under the project LITTLE GARDENER
  • playing theatre and visiting the puppet shows
  • fairytale and music corner
  • visiting the library and encouraging the reading culture under the project CICIUHEC
  • learning about safety and traffic under the project SAFE ON THE ROAD
  • visiting the farm, riding horses and learning about the farm
  • visiting the ZOO
  • exploring and learning about careers: policeman, firefighter, beekeeper, dentist, postman, hairdresser, ...
  • the Fire safety month - THE FIRE IS NOT A TOY
  • celebration of seasons, birthdays, holidays..
  • adventurous walks ( forest, kindergareten surroundings, city center,...)
  • spending the night in the kindergarten ( for children of age 3-6)

Children take place in enrichment activities according to their age and current development skills.  

Extracurricular above-standard activities are carried out by external professionals:

  • English playing hours
  • dancing hour
  • gym
  • skiing course
  • inline skating course
  • swimming course

These activities are carried out after completing daily programe and are not included in the kindergarten program price.