In our kindergarten, we offer four meals per day, breakfast, snack, lunch and afternoon snack. The food is prepared in a healthy way, without additives or added sugar, with always plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits.  The food is diverse. There is also organic produced food on the menu.

We also offer vegetarian meals. Dietary meals are available for children who have health issues and are limited in food consumption.  Through out the day, teachers offer water or unsweetened tea.

The type of food and its way of eating, is very impotant for daily functioning and has a great impact on health later on in adulthood. Our aim in field of nutrition is to establish healthy eating habits, allow sufficient intake of all necessary nutritients and to ensure health development of children. The food in kindergarten is healthy, diverse, nutritionaly balanced and of high quality. Experienced nutritionist is responisble for drawing up the menu, with years of experience in the field of preparing food for kindergartens.

We eat all four meals together where children can mimic adults and quickly acquire healthy eating habits and food choices. Children are encouraged to taste food which is not familiar to them, and we take care of pleasant atmosphere and praising the food.


Everyday, food is delivered twice a day freshly prepared.

Supplier food company is JANTAS d.o.o.

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