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In safe, pleasant, stimulating  and loving environment of the Kindergarten ZdravSem, we have three sections with 12 to 14 children.

In school year 2015/2016 operate three sections:

  • BUTTERFLIES ( from 11 months to 2 years old)
  • MICE ( from 2 years old to 3 years old)
  • ANTS ( from 3 years to 4 years old)

We also provide co-financing from public funds.

We are located near the city centre but in wonderful green environment under hill Golovec which provides various activites in the.nature. Our kindergarten is superiorly equipped, we have our own gym and colorful and fenced playground.

We are easily accessible from the city centre and as well from highway bypass arouond Ljubljana.


In the Kindergarten ZdravSem we are strengthening our position of healthy, active, ecologic and closely linked to the nature environment as a forest kindergarten.

According to the interests of parents there is also an opening of vegetarian section in our developmental plan. Both herbivores and omnivores children whose parents would like their children to eat enough various vegetables and fruits can be enrolled in this section.


We perform also our bilingual programe by using Content Language Integrated Learning method (CLIL). Children through the play and imitation learn English language and broaden their horizon.Their horizon is widening merely because they learn how to say one thing one way or another. In this way they develop their self-confidence and self-esteem as well as positive attitudes to multiculturalism and tolerance.



Our mission is to treat every child individually and to provide safe and loving environment for the children with clearly defined boundaries - with the main intention to develop their inner sense of security. With their inner sense of security children can spread their wings  to play, explore, acquire their own experience, develop creativity and shape self-esteem.

In the Kindergarten ZdravSem we live and promote the value of a holistic health understood as a combination of physical, psychological, spiritual and social. Learning, educating and developing healthy life patterns in this early period of childhood lay the proper foundations for healthy lifestyle in the adulthood.

One of the most important domains of oue kindergarten is the scope of nutrition. Delicious and varied healthy nutritious food has a great impact to a whole development and health of our children.

in the Kindergarten ZdravSem we follow, live and include in our pedagogical work ecological values in relation to health, nature, and environment. We also maintain our own organic vegetable garden and an orchard.

We emphasise on daily physical activity for children. We utilize our own gym and playground and we have walks to the nearby forest Golovec as well as other forms of sports ecxercise.

Our Team

Desire and mission of all our employees is the welfare of children and concern for their integrated development.  Our work is focused on supporting child's abilities  of thinking, independence, communication, curiosity, creative expression and creating positive image about themselves.   

Our team is consisting of:

•        preschool teachers: Fanika Špoljar-Krajnik, Petja Koren in Doris Vučko Drvarič

•        preschool assistants: Maja Milovanović, Vesna Kovšček in Irena Vadeevaloo

•        head of pedagogical work  Bernarda Hvala

•        director Željka Toplek Luzar

Our employees are focused on love and willingness to work with children. They are professional and versed in fields of creativity, communication and sensibility. Their work is filled with great amount of tenderness, warmth, friendliness and emphaty. They encourage children in all domains such as physical activity, languages, creactivity, society, nature and mathematics.  


The projects in which we participate are: